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Winter in southern  Sweden

Winter offers cross-country skiing or ice skating (if there is snow and ice).
50 km away, you can enjoy a small alpine area, Vallåsen. In Vallåsen snow is sprayed as soon as it freezes. Come and enjoy a very different kind of winter holiday.

Hiking or cross country skiing in the snow (if present). You might see deer, foxes, hares or even a moose as you walk on the trails. Let the tranquility of nature surround you. This is the kind of vacation which will enable you to find your true inner self again.

A little glimpse of one of the gardens: Swedes often hang birdfeed balls of suet on tree branches in the winter. You will see chickadees, nuthatches (upside down), goldfinches, bramblings etc. and even a few times a woodpecker feeding at the suet balls. The birds are always very alert. At the slightest movement they flee.

Squirrels are attempting to get to the suet balls as they also like to eat from them. You will see  the most amazing antics. It is a pleasure to watch them. With pointed ears they listen if there is any danger in the area. It is unbelievable how fast these acrobats move through the trees and branches, propelled by their powerful hind legs and short front legs. 

Here you will not be bored as there is plenty to watch and enjoy!

Winter impressions