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Welcome for a visit all year round!...

Het Svenstorps meerHet Svenstorps meer

In springtime you will hear wonderful birdsong and experience the beautiful, budding nature as you walk in the forest.

Did you know that Sweden has 345 more hours of sunshine than the Netherlands in the summertime? Enjoy the sunshine at the Svenstorp Lake and the magnificent panorama of the surrounding woods, where wild raspberries, blueberries and strawberries grow.

On a lovely autumn day you can go for a walk and pick mushrooms. The woods, covered with moss and heartwarming scents of the leaves, offer chanterelles, porcini mushrooms, cranberries and more.

Winter invites cross-country skiing or ice skating (if there is snow and ice). Just 50 kilometers away is a small alpine area, Vallåsen.


Distances to attractions and amenities 0-7km

Distances Activities
0 km Walking in the Nature of Gustafborg 
0 km Biking
0,7 - 1,3 km Canoe opportunity
0,7 - 1,3 km Fishing opportunity
0,1 - 1,3 km Swimming ( Lake)
3 km Hoefijzergård's gallerie 
0,4 - 10 km Local handcrafts
5,5 km Alpaka and Moose farm
5 - 7 km Perstorps Golfklubb (golfcourse)
7 km Swimmingpool Perstorp
7 km Swimmingpool Tyringe
7 km Bowling
7 km Supermarket, bank and pharmacy



The beautiful golf course at Perstorpand Kyrup are located only 5/18 km from the cottages.


At  Svenstorpsjö  you can  rent row boats (at a very reasonable price) at the fishing club.
That is nice for the cottages who don’t have their own. Make the reservation before your holiday!


Restaurant: Each Golf Course has a restaurant. They offer a daily special, "Dagens", between 12.00 and 15.00.
It’s a nice, warm meal, a drink (non alc.) and coffee.  Even if you don’t play golf you are very welcome.
The cost is from about € 9,- till €15.-  per person.

 Near our village we have the Alpakahof and Moose park

Swimmingpool: Tyrs hov Tyringe: 7km from Västra Torup. Here you can swim with the whole family in the winter, take a sauna and enjoy the hot tub. There is a pool of 25m. There is even a slide for young and old. 

In Sweden you can just bring your own picnic basket!

Swimmingpool: Ugglebad  Perstorp: 7km from Västra Torup. In summer, a large outdoor pool (50m), in the winter an indoor pool, sauna and whirlpool. Ugglebadet also has a nice gym and massage bed. In Sweden you can just bring your picnic basket!


Distances to attractions and amenities 7-20km

AreaWalking Area  Skäralid, Söderåsen naturpark, 20km south of Västra Torup.

Hovdala slot, beautiful walk, nice restaurant and a new sentence in GREEN

Rönneådalens Sport & Fritid Daytour: Gunnarödsbron / Stockamöllan - Rögnaröd / Djupadal 12 km (about 4h)
Rögnaröd / Djupadal - Rönneådalens Sport & Fritid (Ljungbyhed) 17 km (about 5h)
Rönneådalens Sport & Fritid - Forsmöllan 8km (about 3h) More information can be obtained from Tanne

Enjoy your tea or coffee in a special "Swedish" environment. Cecilia, makes a delicious assortment of cakes and pastries that look appetizing and appealing. In summer, her café, "Vildrosor & Höns", is open from Wednesday to Sunday 13:00 to 17:00. After September 15th it is open on Saturday and Sunday. 13.00 to 17.00
"Vildrosor & Höns" is in the countryside at Hagstad / Oderljunga. Take Highway 108 from Perstorp direction Oderljunga. At the sign "Gårdscafé" turn off the road and follow this sign.


Distances to attractions and amenities 20-50km


Our advice: horseback riding in the park Söderåsen at Anna Lewijn.

20 km south of our cottages you will ride on calm and quiet Haflinger horses. Riders gather in the stable for brushing, saddling and getting acquainted with the horses for the ride. Then you ride a tour in the forest of the Söderåsens National Park. For all rides, a good guide comes with you, and helps you and shows you how to handle the horse. The groups are adapted to the riding experience: we avoid having beginners and experienced riders ride together.
Tanne will gladly help you to book with Anna. Our guests have been very enthusiastic after their experience with Anna and her horses!
Book in for your holiday, she is quite busy!




Another horse riding option:  Idyllens Ponnyskola (20km noord) Cornelia & Martin Larsson. Children who have no riding experience are welcome. 

Sport fishing at Johan Threms. Johan speaks English. "EkemöllaSportfiske" 


Perstorps Golfklubb (5-7km), 
Ljunbyheds Golfklubb ( 15km), Skyrup Golfklubb ( 15km), 
Hässleholms Golfklubb ( 20km), Vittsjö Golfklubb ( 30km) 
( 45km)Hjälmshult Golfklubb, Färlöv Golfklubb, Örkeljunga Golfklubb, Kristianstad Golfklubb( 55km)
(60km)Helsingborg Golfklubb, Ängelholm Golfklubb, St. Arilds Golfklubb Mölle GolfklubbLerberget Golfklubb, 
Båstad Golfklubb Torekov Golfklubb ( 70km)

Skånes djurpark Beautiful park with animals which are native to Sweden!

Adress: Jularp 150  Höör  GPS:Latitude : 55.9638       Longitude : 13.536



 Hiking trails


Vallåsen Bikepark: Welcome to the bikepark.... Come explore the possibilities for biking at Vallåsen. With options for riders with different abilities. Anything from groomed freeride tracks to singeltracks in dense forest. This season’s improvement is the new highspeed v-line hard-core surface. Uplift transportation is made easy by the quad chairlift which will give you a gentle ride uphill.

In winter times: Ski  in  Vallåsen 

The Sofiero Palace and Park near Helsingborg is recommended (limited hours). The castle including English and Victorian gardens, interesting exhibits and a fine restaurant  will be a nice day for everyone.

From the center of Helsingborg you can take the ferry to Helsingör (without a car) for a visit in Denmark’s closest city. Here is the Kronborg Slott/Castle. A beautiful fortress, which formerly served as toll booth for ships passing by in the Öresund. In the city you will find shops and restaurants for a fun afternoon  exploring the city! VAILA CENTER   Helsingborg

Frederiksdal's garden in Helsingborg has an outdoor museum with buildings and activities from long ago, as well as outstanding rose gardens!

Also on the way from our house to Helsingborg, you will find the huge indoor mall VÄLA CENTER.  Even this is a good option on a rainy day.

A few more tips:

Kurt Wallander's  was filmed here in Ystad

Citys as . Kristianstad, Helsingborg
Frederiksdal's garden
Slot en tuinen van Sofiero
Carl von Linné’s birthplace near Älmhult
Brio lekmuseum ( Briotoys) in Osby
Denningarums gård
Karlslundbadet ( zwembad)
Sveriges Järnvägmuseum ( railroad museum)
Tykarps grotten

 Vallåsen Bikepark: Welcome to the bikepark.... Come explore the possibilities for biking at Vallåsen. With abilities for all kind of riders. Anything from groomed freeride tracks to singeltracks in dense forest. This seasons improvement is our new highspeed v-line hard-core surface. Uplift transportation is  made easy by our quad chairlift which will give you a gentle ride uphill.